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Service Name

Application for a noobjection certificate to register an aircraft

Service description

​This services grant the necessary NOC for aircraft owners and air operators to register an A6 aircraft to operate from Dubai.


  • ​* ​Individual Customer
  • * Air Operators​

Required documents

1. A copy of the submitted GCAA Aircraft Registration application (AWF-COR-002)
2. Official letter from owner
3. Copy of Power of attorneys
4. No objection from operator, concerned parties in ownership of aircraft 


​No Objection Certificate (NOC) to register an aircraft


​The validity expires once the prupose of the NOC has been achieved.

Service Process

* The customer needs to registrar on the website , fill the online application and submit the require  documents.
* The application will forwarded to Aviation Business Affairs Unit employee.
* The application will review by Aviation Business Affairs Unit employee.
* ​The Application will be approve and the customer will receive a notification by E-mail.

Delivery Method


Service Tips

* Check the type of service you are going to apply.
* Fill the online application and submit the require documents.
* Follow up the status of the application submitted through the online tracking system.
* Complete the require attachments in rejected status.  

Terms and Conditions

* Additional charges apply for service fees (AED 20) for knowledge and innovation fee
* Terms and conditions apply

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I apply for this service ?
Customer can apply for this service by visiting website

What are required documents need to apply?  
Customer can verify the require documents by filling the online application   

How can I track the application statue?
Customer can track the application statue through the eservices dashboard. 
what are the contacting channels for getting more information ?
Customer can contact the concerned section by phone number : +97147770000   or   e-mail :  , from Sunday till Thursday. 

How often do you need to get service ?
3 working days. 

How much is the cost of service?
AED 6500 in addition to (AED 20) for knowledge and innovation 

What is the payment method?
Online Payment , by using the credit card or E-payment card. 

Who are eligible for this service ?
The eligible for this service are Individual customer , Air cargo Companies and  Airline companies .
Delivery Time


Payment Method


Services Fee


  • - 6500/- NOC for register an aircraft
  • - 10/- AED Knowledge Dirham Fees (KDF)
  • - 10/- AED (Innovation Fees)

Service Usage

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