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Service Name

Aircraft Spare Parts inspection Permission

Service Description

The purpose of this NOC is to regulate and control the requirement of the customer to clear their aircraft spare parts through their own staff or their representatives from customs, which are located at the airport terminal buildings only. The clearance given by the DCAA – Aircraft Oversight Section through this service, relates only to the spare parts imported for aircraft maintenance in U.A.E. via passenger flights. It’s prohibited to import spare parts for any other commercial purposes to avoid the payment of customs duty. The customs or the concerned department is not bound to release the relevant spare parts NOC.

Where to get this service


Applicable For Customers

Airline Operators , Licensed Aircraft Spare Parts Companies and Aircraft Maintenance Companies


1- Receive Application
2- Documents verification
3- A physical verification on the item to be carried out by DCAA inspectors
4- Issue of the NOC

Required Documents For This Service

  1. Company letter addressed to DCAA , stating the purpose and description of this aircraft spare part , as well as the traveler personal details and the authorization letter from the company for the company representative to apply and collect the NOC
  2. Valid trade license
  3. Dubai Customs Confiscations Receipt( if applicable)
  4. Photos of the part if available
  5. Spare part Documents manuals, MSDS, etc.
  6. If applicable a third party letter will be required

Terms and Conditions

The consignee shall assure that the spare parts intended to be cleared through customs have not been taken from scrap source or from any suspicious sources. The Dubai Civil Aviation Authority does not assume any responsibility for such certificate, and its given at the request of the consignee mentioned above. The spare parts will be subject to DCAA's verification and inspection. The consignee shall satisfy DCAA that the purpose of the importation and exportation of the spare parts is only for maintenance purpose and not for any other commercial purposes or to avoid Customs duty. Any deletion or alteration effected to this document will render it invalid.

Delivery Time


2 Working days

Payment Method



Services Fee


  • - 200 AED per transaction
  • - 10 AED (Knowledge Dirham Fees)
  • - 10 AED (Innovation Fees)

Service Usage

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Contact Us

Contact Us

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    Accident Investigation & Aircraft Oversight

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    Aircraft Oversight

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    +97147770299 / +97147770266

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    0730H to 1430H (GMT+4)

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    Sunday – Thursday

  • Location:

    Dubai Civil Aviation Authority is located within Dubai Airports Building, Terminal 1 (Arrivals)

  • Call Center:

    800 83222 Overseas: +97147770000

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