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Service Name

Issuing No Objection Certificate For Aircraft Warning Light

Service Description

This service enables the customers to obtain a No Objection Certificate for Aircraft Warning Lights, which will reduce hazard to aircraft by indicating the presence of significant constructions.

Where to get this service

Online:, ​DCAA Smart Application​

Applicable For Customers

Construction Consultants
Construction Companies
Project owner


Registration for first time customer
– Login and select services Fill in information Pay online (e-Government) Submit application
– DCAA Receive Application Online
– DCAA Review Submitted Documents
– DCAA Assess, Application per location
– DCAA Approve, Reject or Need more info
– DCAA Download approved NOC copy
– Download and print – Customer

Required Documents For This Service

Application should be addressed to:
    The Director General
    Dubai Civil Aviation Authority
    P.O. Box 49888-Dubai, UAE
    Fax: +971 4 2200808
   Submission should contain the following:-
   A written description of the proposed systemA simple drawing showing the proposed system A copy of the construction height NOC A diagram showing the relationship of the subject building and all other buildings within a 500m radius circle and indicating heights. 
   This should be accompanied by photographs showing a panoramic view.
    The submission shall be based on the requirements as detailed in the UAE Civil Aviation Regulation Appendix 13 Obstacle Control & Marking 13.6 Object to be marked and / or lighted document but with the following caveats which are applicable in the Emirates of Dubai:
   The principle of shadowing may be used and should be considered for each elevation of the building. The lighting of high structures shall be started from 90 meters height The light or lights on the top of the building should be visible through 360° The use of high Intensity white flashing lights (ICAO type A/B) should be kept to the absolute minimum and should only be considered in extreme cases. 
   As Part of the approval process the DCAA retains the right to require the addition or subtraction of lights.

Terms and Conditions

On-site inspection might be necessary in order to evaluate the presence of shielding constructions in particular location.

User Manual

Click to view/download the User Manual
Delivery Time


5 Working days

Payment Method



Services Fee


  • - 3500 AED per transaction
  • - 10 AED Knowledge Dirham Fees
  • - 10 AED (Innovation Fee)

Service Usage

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