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Service Name

Block Landing Clearance (Private/Business flight operations)​​​

Service Description

This service enables airlines/private operators to obtain approval to operate the aircraft and to land at Dubai International (DXB/OMDB) and/or Al Maktoum International at Dubai South (DWC/OMDW). This permit is applicable for non-scheduled operators. (Not more than two  months), which is provided for  a specific period of time, which can be renewed on expiry at  the discretion of Dubai Civil Aviation Authority

Where to get this service


Pre-Requisites for services : (The following information is required to obtain this service)

The Operator should hold a proper Air Operator Certificate with the specification of operations from a state regulator. Slot clearance from ACL required.​

Applicable For Customers

  1. Aviation Handling Companies/Agents
  2. Private/business Operators


  1. Registration for first time - customer Login
  2. Select services, Fill in information, Pay Online
  3. Submit application through Online
  4. Review & Evaluate application for Approval or Reject
  5. Customer will Download approved permission copy

Required Documents For This Service

The Operator must hold a valid Air Operator Certificate or equivalent document acceptable to the DCAA
  1. Air Operators Certificate (AOC) (If applicable)
  2. Certificate of Airworthiness (CofA)
  3. Certificate of Registration (CofR)
  4. Liability Insurance or Fleet Insurance
  5. Noise Certificate
  6. Other documents as per the service requirement

Terms and Conditions

The service beneficiaries are strictly required to comply with Dubai and UAE Civil Aviation laws and regulations.


The Permit will be valid till the date mentioned in the approval.
Delivery Time


3 working days with the condition that all documents are valid.

Payment Method


Online payment

Services Fee


  • - -2800/-AED One-month landing permit for a private aircraft
  • - -5600/-AED Two-month landing permit for a private aircraft
  • - -7400/-AED Three-month landing permit for a private aircraft
  • - -10000/-AED Four-month landing permit for a private aircraft
  • - -14000/-AED Five-month landing permit for a private aircraft
  • - -15000/-AED Six-month landing permit for a private aircraft
  • - -30000/-AED One‐year landing permit for a private or commercial aircraft (passenger or cargo) registered in the UAE

Service Usage

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Contact Us

Contact Us

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    Air Transport

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    Air Transport Operations

  • Telephone Number:

    +97147770440 / +97147770445 / +97147770441

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  • Working Hours:

    07:30 – 14:30 (UAE Local Time)

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    Sunday to Thursday

  • Location:

    Dubai Civil Aviation Authority is located within Dubai Airports Building, Terminal 1 (Arrivals)

  • Call Center:

    800 83222

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