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Service Name

Issuing No Objection Certificate for Helipad Services

Service Description

This service enables you to apply for Approval of Heliport for Commercial or for Emergencies and Non-Commercial

Where to get this service

Pre-Requisites for services

Obtaining the required permissions and/or approvals applicable to these activities from:
- Dubai Municipality
- Dubai Civil Defense
- And other Authorities if applicable

Applicable For Customers

- Individual Customer
- Heliport Operators
- Consultants               


1. Registration for first time customer
2. Login and select services – Customer
3. Fill in information – Customer
4. Submit application – Customer
5. Pay online (e-Government) – Customer
6. Receive Online Application – DCAA
7. Assess, Review & Evaluate application by DCAA
8. Approve, Reject or Need more info - DCAA
9. Download approved NOC copy – DCAA
10. Download and print – Customer               

Required Documents For This Service

1. Position and details of the helipad and design in pdf format.
2. Owner of the helipad
3. Performance Class of helipad operations at the helipad
4. Operational scheduled start date of the helipad
5. Location (in relation to a known landmark)
6. Safety Assessment
7. Compliance Statement
8. Operational Manual
9. Local Area Map
10. Documentation of Ownership
11. Approval of the Plan for Construction
12. Approval from Civil Defense
13. Coordinator Contact details
14. Office telephone number and Fax number
15. Company Address & Email              

Terms and Conditions

This No Objection Certificate will be assessed in accordance with ICAO (Annex 14, Part 2) (This document can be found at( and UAE CAR (Civil Aviation Regulations)

1. CAR-OPS 3.220 Authorization of Heliports by the Operator (See AMC OPS 3.220)
An operator shall only authorize use of heliports that are adequate for the type(s) of helicopter and operation(s) concerned.

2. CAR-OPS 3.225 Heliport Operating Minima
a) An operator shall specify heliport operating minima, established in accordance with CAROPS 3.430 for each departure, destination or alternate heliport authorised to be used in accordance with CAR-OPS 3.220.
b) These minima must take into account any increment to the specified values imposed by the Authority.
c) The minima for a specific type of approach and landing procedure are considered applicable if:
• The ground equipment shown on the respective chart required for the intended procedure is operative;
• The helicopter systems required for the type of approach are operative;
• The required helicopter performance criteria are met; and
• The crew is qualified accordingly.

3. CAAP 70 and CAAP 71
The Helipad should meet or exceed the design standards established in ICAO Annex 14, Part ll. Horizontal & vertical datum; arrows for magnetic & true north; magnetic alignment of the centerline of each approach surface; for a helipad that has multiple, include the magnetic alignment of each approach surface which defines the limit of the sector; locations & heights of structures, and other potential obstructions that underlie the airport’s imaginary surfaces as defined in ICAO Annex, Part II; additional information that is pertinent to the safe use of the helipad.

Safety Assessment:
A Safety Assessment for the use of the helipad.

Compliance Statement:
A statement that the helipad meets or exceeds the design standards in ICAO Annex 14, Part II and GCAA CAAP 70 and CAAP 71.

Operational Manual:
Including (but not limited to): Operational Objective, specifics of the heliport, Safety Management System, maintenance program, operations plan, limitations of the operations, emergency plan, rescue and firefighting plan, safety measures, procedures for conducting a self-inspection program, any other information.

Local Area Map:
Depicting the helipad & the location of schools, places of public gatherings and residential areas within 1000ft of the center of the proposed FATO.

Approval of the Plan for Construction:
Design drawing approval for construction of the helipad

Documentation of Ownership:
Documentation showing ownership of the helipad and associated real estate.

Approval of the Plan for Constructions:
Design drawing approval for construction of the helipad

Approval from Civil Defense:
Documentation of approval from the DCD        

Delivery Time


​5 – 10 working days​

Payment Method



Services Fee


  • - 5020/- AED Heliport for Commercial Purposes
  • - 2020/- AED Heliport for Emergencies and Non-commercial Purposes

Service Usage

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Contact Us

Contact Us

  • Department:

    Aviation & Airports Safety

  • Section:

    Aerodrome Safety

  • Telephone Number:

    +97147770568 /+97147770565 / +97147770567

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  • Working Hours:

    0730H to 1430H (GMT+4)

  • Work Days:

    Sunday – Thursday

  • Location:

     Dubai Civil Aviation Authority is located within Dubai Airports Building, Terminal 1 (Arrivals)

  • Call Center:

    ​ 800 83222 Overseas: +97147770000​

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Reference Number:

Services Fee: 100 AED


Email :
Telephone :
City :
P.O.Box :

Owner of the Helipad

e.g: +971 4 2245555

Applicant Details

e.g: +971 05 2245555

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