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Service Name

Application for a certificate of approval of building heights within a real estate development zone located within the Aviation Easement areas

Service Description

This service enables the customers to obtain a No Objection Certificate for heights of particular Master Plan within the Emirate of Dubai. This service shall ensure that a group of buildings, structures within certain area will not impact the flight safety of Dubai airports and capacity of Dubai airspace.This service is mandatory according to International Civil Aviation Regulation (ICAO Annex 14). 

Where to get this service

Online (

Pre-Requisites for services

(The following information is required to obtain this service)This does not absolve companies and/or individuals from obtaining the required permissions and/or approvals applicable to any aviation related activities not listed in the DCAA service lists.

Applicable For Customers

Project owner/developer


Registration for first time customer
– Login and select services Fill in information Pay online (e-Government) Submit application
– DCAA Receive Application Online
– DCAA Review Submitted Documents
– DCAA Assess, Application per location
– DCAA Approve, Reject or Need more info
– DCAA Download approved NOC copy
– Download and print – Customer

Required Documents For This Service

Dubai Civil Aviation Authority (DCAA) requires the following guidelines to be followed in order that the correct information is submitted to obtain Building Height NOCs. Letter shall be address to:       The Director General       Dubai Civil Aviation Authority       P.O. Box 49888-Dubai, UAE       Fax: +971 4 2200808A letter from the party requesting the NOC which should include the name of the area of Dubai and the plot number or name of a project.The letter should also include a statement of the intended maximum buildings height (to include any ancillary structures), in meters, above ground and DMD levels.A statement of the plot ground level height relative to Dubai Municipality Datum (DMD) or Mean Sea Level.The plot and structures coordinates in WGS 84 Geographical (degrees/minutes/seconds), UTM or DLTM format.Affection or/an cadastral plan shall be enclosed. All structures greeter then 90 meters above ground level is subject to a Special Aeronautical Survey which should be attached to any request for an NOC. The survey document will provide all the required information. Please note that the survey should be provided in a soft copy Format (editable)All structures greeter then 150 meters above ground level is subject to a Special Aeronautical Study which should be attached to any request for an NOC. The survey document will provide all the required information. Please note that the survey should be provided in a soft copy Format (editable)

Terms and Conditions

Only those aviation safety aspects that pertain to obstacle control is the subject of this NOC. Potential hazards and impacts, caused by other factors, in particular, aviation noise and pollution have not been part of this DCAA assessment and therefore shall be additionally evaluated by project developer in coordination with other responsible institutions.  DCAA shall not be held responsible and answerable for any hazards and impacts that have not been stipulated by condition of this NOC.

User Manual

Click to view/download the User Manual

Frequently Asked Questions

​Where can I apply for this service?
The customer can apply for the service through the DCAA's website e-services.

What are the required documents for application? 
Customer can verify the required documents from the applicable service application page

How can I track the application status?
Customer can track the application status from the Customer Dashboard on the DCAA website.

Who can I contact if I require more information ?
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10 Working Days

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Services Fee


  • - 10000/- AED per transaction
  • - 10/- AED Knowledge Dirham Fees
  • - 10 /- AED (Innovation Fee)

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