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Service Name

RPAS Registration in the Emirate of Dubai

User Manual

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Service Description

This service enables
the customer to obtain RPAS Registration Card and RPAS Registration letter for
tourist in the Emirate of Dubai. This service is mandatory by all Company and
individual who wish to conduct activities using RPAS.

Where to get this service

Online (​

Applicable For Customers

Authorities & Individuals to register RPAS 
equipment  with DCAA.

Procedures to obtain NOC

Registration for first time customerLogin and select services - CustomerFill in information - Customer Submit application - CustomerPay online (e-Government) - CustomerReceive Application after successful payment - DCAAAssess, Review & Evaluate application - DCAAApprove, Reject or Need more info – DCAAPrint Registration Card – DCAANotify Customer for Collection

Required Information For This Service

Following requirements are mandatory:Company Name and addressCompany Trade/Commercial License Name of RPAS Operator with mobile number Contact details: phone, fax, mobile number and email.Operator's Emirates ID both sides and passport copy with visa page (non-national) Passport size photo (white background)RPAS Type/ModelRPAS PhotoRPAS Serial Number Operator training Certificate (UAE Resident and Tourist)Insurance National ID for TouristFlight booking for Tourist

Terms and Conditions

All RPAS/Drone activities in the Emirate of Dubai  is mandatory to register for assessment and or evaluation as to possible airspace and or protocol restriction reference height, location and other.Remote Pilot shall be responsible for avoiding collisions with people, objects and other aircraft and shall not harass or endanger people or threaten to damage property.RPAS/Drone shall not be operated over congested areas, it shall not fly over public or private properties.Operators are responsible for all separations and or safety protocol when flying, operating your RPAS.
Delivery Time


10 - 15 working days

Payment Method



Services Fee


  • - 520/-AED Government
  • - 520/-AED Commercial
  • - 520/-AED Temporary Commercial
  • - 120/-AED Professional
  • - 120/-AED Hobbyist
  • - 520/-AED Free Lancer
  • - 120/-AED Tourist
  • - 120/-AED Dubai Customs Drone Release Letter

Service Usage

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Contact Us

Contact Us

  • Department:

    Aviation & Airports Safety

  • Section:

    Airspace Safety

  • Telephone Number:


  • Mobile Number:

  • Fax:

  • Email :

  • Working Hours:

    0730H to 1430H (GMT+4)

  • Work Days:

    Sunday – Thursday

  • Location:

    Dubai Civil Aviation Authority is located within Dubai Airports Building, Terminal 1 (Arrivals)

  • Call Center:

    ​ 800 83222 Overseas: +97147770000​

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Reference Number:

Services Fee: 100 AED


Email :
Telephone :
City :
P.O.Box :

RPAS Details

e.g: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx without ('-')
e.g: +971 4 2245555
e.g: +971 50 2245555

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