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Responsibilites & Duties

  • To define the general policy for civil aviation in the Emirate of Dubai in line with federal legislation.
  • To carry out the activities related to the management of civil aviation operations in line with federal legislation.
  • To submit requests for modification of the airspace of the Emirate to the General Authority for approval in accordance with by laws issued by the General Authority in this regard.
  • To designate prohibited, restricted or dangerous air navigation zones in the Emirate and to inform the General Authority of such zones.
  • To follow up the implementation of bilateral and multilateral agreements regulating air transport services in the Emirate.
  • To authorise foreign air operators licensed by the General Authority to operate scheduled or non scheduled flights to the Emirate’s airports.
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  • To regularly provide the General Authority with statistical information and data relating to civil aviation operations and activities in the Emirate.
  • To represent the Emirate in the State’s delegation in negotiations relating to air navigation and transport.
  • To sign bilateral memoranda of understanding relating to air transport rights via the Emirate’s airports in coordination with the General Authority.
  • To apply environmental protection policies in line with federal and local environmental policies.
  • To propose and supervise the implementation of consumer protection legislation in the civil aviation sector.
  • Any other functions related to the regulation of civil aviation affairs in the Emirate.

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