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Director General Office

  • Perform all activities of administrative and executive secretariat and organize all internal and external communications and official correspondences related to the Director General, ensuring its precise execution.
  • Arrange for all meetings and committees related to the Director General and follow up the same and record and maintain their minutes.
  • Keep record of the managerial resolutions and follow up the implementation of the Director General’s instructions and directives to ensure its smooth achievement.
  • Detect the administrative and technical obstacles/problems, that organizational units -affiliated to the Director General’s office- face and suggest high quality solutions and exercises to overcome hindrances and provide qualitative additions.
  • Maintain an updated complimentary database to enable prompt coordination with all internal/external organizational units, linked to the Director General’s office.

Legal Affairs Office

    • To provide legal consultancy to the authority concerning legal rights, liabilities and duties.
    • To ensure that all legal legislations are actually implemented in the authority; and take the initiative to detect any deviations in the applicable decisions and instructions and suggest necessary amendments.
    • To study all cases of the authority; to follow-up disputes and cases in which the authority is involved; to supervise preparing necessary authenticated documents and instruments to discharge the authority from any lawsuit against the latter and to submit duly responses with legal proofs.
    • To give legal opinions on all cases received from different departments and establishments; and to reform the same.
    • To give directions and legal consultancy with regard to drafting and reviewing contracts and agreements of the authority and its departments.

    Strategy and Corporate Excellence Department

      • Ensure DCAA’s contribution to achievement of Dubai Government strategic goals
      • Develop DCAA’s corporate policy and strategy and review them annually
      • Develop DCAA Performance Management System and monitor its effectiveness.
      • Define, and ensure implementation of, quality & excellence standards and measures.
      • Determine partners’ relations policy and manage such relations to ensure common success.

      Corporate Excellence Section

        • Apply quality systems as well as models and requirements of corporate performance development and government excellence to enhance excellence culture and providing distinct service to customers.
        • Develop guidelines, policies and processes, and reengineer the same; prepare different studies on work development according to results of performance measurement.
        • Organize and manage self-assessment according to requirements of corporate excellence models.
        • Assess needs, expectations and requirements of the authority stakeholders through surveys, feedback and mystery shopper.
        • Review and update, on a regular basis, the organizational structure of the authority within the governance framework and submit suggestions on development and efficiency enhancement to the authority.

        Strategic Planning and Corporate Performance Section

          • Develop the strategic plan of Dubai Civil Aviation Authority.
          • Survey and assess both internal and external environment of the authority and its organizational units as part of preparing both strategy and operating plans.
          • Conduct internal surveys to determine needs, requirements and expectations of strategic partners.
          • Provide guidance to the organizational units of the authority concerning laying down annual business plans and monitor executing the same.
          • Execute tasks and requirements of change and risks management.
          • Develop and spread corporate performance management; moniyor different performance levels at the authority.

          Innovation and Research Team

            • Conduct researches and studies on aviation sector and government requirements
            • Apply and qualify for innovation awards nationwide.
            • Apply innovative initiatives on the level of the authority and stakeholders.
            • Manage, follow-up and organize innovation initiatives applicable at DCAA such as Employees Suggestions, Mohammed bin Rashid Center for government innovation and the like.
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Corporate Support and Communication Sector

  • Ensure financial and other resources are available for all organizational units in DCAA to support the achievement of its strategy.
  • Provide and manage support service including IT, Corporate communication & marketing, Human resources, administrative affairs , corporate services and customer service.
  • Support DCAA staff to carry on their duties effectively
  • Develop & implement financial, HR, Assets, smart transformation and knowledge strategies.

Human Resources Department

    • Develop the human resources strategy based on new concepts and international standards applicable in human resources management.
    • Prepare studies and researches together with recommendations for the purpose of adopting and applying best practices in the human resources field that can participate in improving and developing performance of the authority employees with a view to create stimulating work climate and environment.
    • Provide human resources related technical and administrative consultation to organizational units of the authority.
    • Keep in touch with latest developments in HR laws and systems applicable at Dubai Emirate and UAE to apply and make use of the same at DCAA.
    • Study and suggest internal policies about human resources at the authority.

    Human Resources Policies and Development section

      • Develop training policies to ensure keeping well-versed and well-qualified human resources especially UAE nationals.
      • Make studies that ensure applying best practices for human resources development with the purpose of creating stimulating work environment.
      • Endeavor to identify required abilities and efficiencies from employees of all levels; determine level of skills to enable employees to improve their performance with the purpose of achieving objectives of the authority.
      • Improve and develop techniques for employee’s performance appraisal; suggest new techniques to increase appropriate productivity to raise employees performance level.
      • Prepare and execute bilateral agreements and memos of understanding made with approved training and development bodies either in or outside the state.

      Human Resources Recruitment and Services Section

        • Develop & maintain DCAA’s functional organizational structure through preparing , reviewing and monitoring Job Descriptions for all jobs in DCAA, assess the same and identify career paths with concerned departments follow up , measure , document and assess new job.
        • Manpower planning: Identify and plan manpower requirements for DCAA according to the approved strategy plan, and verify the actual need of required jobs.
        • Build and retain excellent capabilities with high technical and personal skills from in and out the country
        • Prepare job nationalization and replacement plans, job rotation; prepare statistics on recruitment and jobs nationalization.
        • Enforce, follow-up and review all procedures pertinent to disbursement of salaries, incentives and all whatsoever deductions according to applicable system and due dates; approve payrolls referred to banks, payment lists and other monthly dues payable to employees.

        Information Technology Department

          • To develop and implement the smart transformation strategy in conformity with Dubai strategy for smart transformation.
          • To increase smart transformation level and productivity of the authority; to provide high quality solutions via multi channels that satisfy requirements of the authority and users.
          • To encourage continuous innovative development in the information technology field to impact effectiveness and productivity.
          • To ensure that governance provides best technological practices and conforms to local and international standards for aviation.
          • To have Green IT effect on complete organization achieving sustainable green environment supporting Dubai strategy.

          Technical Infrastructure Section

            • To Plan, develop, manage and enhance IT infrastructure for DCAA, supporting strategic focus on Business resilience model approach as per Dubai Government guidelines.
            • Apply IT service continuity strategy with best practices in operation, maintenance, control systems of wired and wireless infrastructure as well as DATA & Tele-Communication centers.
            • To ensure continuous operation of the infrastructure according to world performance measures.
            • To manage, develop and maintain internal and external communication and information networks; to provide safe communication networks for units of the authority.
            • To establish & manage Information Security & Compliance (ISC) at DCAA by Information security program

            Smart Services Section

              • To develop and administer multi-channel, SMART innovative business solutions, as per organizational strategic goals and Dubai SMART Transformation Strategy
              • Initiate innovative SMART Technological business practices to match Dubai world class level of efficiency and accessibility.
              • Implement business intelligent internal systems transforming manual inter departmental processes to automations improving DCAA operational productivity.
              • Maintain high ranking in stakeholder and Happiness meter satisfaction for all DCAA SMART.

              Technical Services and Support Section

                • Ensure continuous availability and maintenance of IT end user services and systems.
                • To receive and follow-up, for 24 hours, complaints about information technology management.
                • To prepare standards and specifications for technical devices and types of the same.
                • Ensure upgrades for all DCAA software and hardware (Office, OS, Service management tools etc.).
                • To Plan authority asset (software & hardware) capacity.

                Finance Affairs and Administration Department

                Corporate Marketing and Communication office

                  • Enhance the corporate identity through providing marketing services.
                  • Prepare and follow-up annual plans for marketing, media, events and initiatives in line with the strategy of the authority and Dubai Emirate.
                  • Prepare, design and produce all marketing materials for the authority (visual, printed, and audio).
                  • Prepare and organize media coverage and newspapers articles with local and international media.
                  • Document photos and news on the authority.
                  • Activate channels of communication with the society through social initiatives and marketing campaigns.

                  Finance Affairs Section

                    • Planning and managing government resources from Dubai Civil Aviation; coordinate with the government resources planning and management team at Dubai smart government.
                    • Prepare the annual balance sheet in coordination with all administrations at Dubai Civil Aviation Authority according to the financial circular released by the Department of Finance together with different tools and systems of Dubai Government so the balance sheet will achieve the strategic objectives of Dubai Aviation Authority and fulfill its requirements.
                    • Assess and enforce financial policies and procedures; make improvements to operations to improvements; manage risks and reports on the financial affairs section.
                    • Review suggestions on other administrations for revenues improvement and ensuring compliance with pricing mechanism.
                    • General ledger: responsible for closing books of the government resources management and planning system on a monthly and annual basis; prepare administrative reports and financial data and information required by the administration.

                    Administration Affairs Section

                      • Provide appropriate work environment for employees through arranging offices, furniture, preparations, phones, office equipment …etc.; supervise management, distribution of offices, maintenance and repair, utilities planning and utilities management contracts.
                      • Manage vehicles of the authority, either those used for or possessed by the authority; manage periodic maintenance of vehicles; add Salik; establish an agreement on a certain level of services provided to cars; renew and register vehicles annually.
                      • Submit documents and coordinate with the immigration to obtain visas for foreign delegations, embassies, consulates for the authority employees during travel of the same abroad on official missions as well as to get visas for official delegations visiting the authority.
                      • Warrant medical insurance coverage for employees of the authority and their families according to their dues; coordinate between employees and “ Enaya health insurance” to issue new cards/renew cards, treat issues of employees and announce any circulars issued by “Enaya”.
                      • Support internal policies of the authority (provide logistic support)


                        • Provide logistic support for Dubai Civil Aviation Authority through the GRP system to purchase commodities and services.
                        • Review requirement of administrations; receive quotations from suppliers; negotiate with suppliers; comparative analysis; submit purchase orders; prepare and execute contracts; keep information and the like.
                        • Review contracts and agreements to purchase high value materials through proceeding to perform transactions, analysis, negotiations, contracts drafting, contracts execution, purchase contracts, maintenance contracts and service quality agreements…etc.

                        Customer Happiness Section

                          • Enhance and sustain communication with customers and provide necessary services to the same such as individuals or corporations of the public or private sectors.
                          • Provide all customers (corporations, companies or individuals), either through contact center, channels of communication or available means, with all necessary information they require.
                          • Develop formulas and techniques to perform roles of the center through adopting advanced technologies and programs in the specialization and enhancing compliance with quality and excellence standards.
                          • Receive complaints of customers via phone or personally via customer service providers; treat received complaints if possible or refer the same to the responsible body when necessary.
                          • Receive suggestions of customers via phone or personally via customer service providers and refer the same to the responsible body.
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Air Transport and International Affairs Sector

    • To lay down the general policy for civil aviation in the Emirate of Dubai in line with federal legislations.
    • To represent the Emirate within the State delegation for negotiations on matters pertinent to air navigation and air transport.
    • To permit foreign aviation operators licensed by the General Authority to operate scheduled and unscheduled flights to airports of the Emirate.
    • To control, organize and follow-up all air transport activities in Dubai Emirate and coordinate with local and federal bodies in this field.
    • To control and organize consumer rights affairs at aviation sector in Dubai.

    International Affairs Department

      • To hold negotiations about air transport agreements with other states with the purpose of establishing relationships with the same to enhance the international air transport methodology.
      • To establish, enhance and sustain a contact point between international and local aviation authorities.
      • To manage affairs pertinent to air rights of Dubai aviation policy; to follow-up executing those agreements regulating air transport services.
      • To make prior plans and comprehensive analytical studies on all states intended to be involved in negotiations, schedules of air routes; to provide statistics on all civil aviation affairs.

      International Affairs and Agreements Section

      This section is responsible for aviation service agreements signed with other states as well as negotiating with states for executing such agreements with regard to scheduled and unscheduled operations. Moreover, this section is responsible for other agreements pertinent to air transport services. The most prominent tasks of this section are:

        • To represent Dubai Sector in negotiations and meetings about bilateral agreements modernization and development and signing agreements with other states worldwide.
        • To organize and approving of summer and winter schedules of airline companies.
        • To increase air destinations from and to Dubai Emirate (Dubai airport – Al-Maktoum Airport) to link the same to other states worldwide.
        • To discuss difficulties and problems that national carriers face; to coordinate with concerned parties to overcome and solve the same.
        • To establish and develop distinct relationships with international and regional federations and organizations pertinent to air transport.
        • To study drafts of bilateral agreements sent by supreme federal bodies (supreme legislations committee in Dubai Emirate) prior to approval of the same by the supreme council.

        International Affairs Planning and Statistical Section

        This section plays a key role in management development and support. It helps organize, plan and develop air transport agreements to serve public interests through updating data, providing required statistics and laying down effective and complementary organizational plans to help update agreements, render the same successful and compliance with international standards. The most prominent tasks of this section are:

          • To suggest programs and plans aiming at development of air transport movement; to keep up with state of the art developments in air transport field.
          • To lay down a comprehensive plan to develop data on files of states and airline companies; to complete such plans to support the sector and cooperate with all sections for effective and accurate development and enhancement of performance.
          • To lay down methodologies and analytical procedures that come before signing agreements and memos of understanding, which methodologies and procedures shall be appropriate to type and nature of agreements.
          • To develop databases at the section to support other sectors and departments; for example, to develop a database comprising names of airline companies and to develop a database of strategic partners comprising all companies operating from and to Dubai.
          • To analyze and examine statistical data on air transport movement and the effect of the same on other sectors.

          Air Transport Department

            • To supervise, follow-up and give permits for all air transport activities and companies operating in the aviation sector.
            • To ensure that all transport companies and service providers comply with laws and conditions concerning rights of passengers.
            • Effective participation in the aviation sector development in collaboration with concerned bodies.
            • Giving consents to half yearly aviation schedules, landing permits, transporting parts of planes and giving certificates of no-objection for new and existing companies operating in the aviation field.
            • Receiving complaints, suggestions and inquiries pertinent to rights of passengers as well as to follow-up those rights to ensure satisfied performance by providers.

            Air Transport Operation Section

            This section gives permits and consents to air transport companies as well as to ensure that airlines companies and owners of private planes comply with basic rules and relevant laws. The section, also, coordinates with the authority and airlines corporations for cooperation. Responsibilities of the section are as follow:

              • To ensure that air transport companies comply with relevant legislations.
              • To approve airlines schedules for scheduled flights.
              • To ensure meeting conditions for air transport operations.
              • To inspect technical documents of aircrafts.
              • Auditing and inspection of air transport operations.

              Aviation Business Affairs and Consumer Protection Section

              This section issue No-Objections Certificates to carry on all activities pertinent to Aviation Business affairs in Dubai Emirate and free zones. In addition, the section monitors and inspects entities providing the airline service in the Emirate to ensure the same comply with laws and instructions issued from the concerned authority. Moreover, the section receives complaints and coordinates with airlines companies and service providers to reach reasonable solutions to satisfy passengers. Main functions of this section are as follow:

                • To aware consumers at the aviation sector of rights and duties.
                • To coordinate and cooperate with strategic partners to guarantee rights of consumers.
                • To receive and follow-up complaints, suggestions and inquiries about rights of passengers.
                • To control and inspect commercial activities and service providers at the aviation sector.
                • To issue no-objection certificates to carry on commercial activities at the aviation sector of the Emirate.
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Aviation Security and Accident Investigation Sector

The Aviation Security and Accident Investigation Sector is responsible to organize and oversee the activities related to aviation security and dangerous goods carriage on board commercial aircraft in the emirate of Dubai as well as overseeing the non-United Arab Emirates - registered aircraft and investigate accidents, also participating in Crisis and Disasters Management related to civil aviation through the membership of Crisis and Disasters Committee within the emirate of Dubai pursuant for preservation of civil aviation safety and security.

Accident Investigation & Aircraft Oversight Department

The Accident Investigation & Aircraft Oversight Department in collaboration with the Federal Authority, investigates all related aviation accidents within the emirate of Dubai. The investigation is taking place in order to preserve the accident site , protect the evidence and collect the required samples. This is to enhance aviation safety as well as issuing safety recommendations to prevent reoccurrence. The investigation is conducted in accordance with the national and international rules and regulation, the department also handles the oversight of non-United Arab Emirates registered aircrafts in order to ensure the safety of the aircraft frame structure and engines as well as the validity of the aircraft and crew credentials in coordination with General Civil Aviation Authority

Accident Investigation Section

This section is responsible for accident/incident investigation for aircraft that might be subject to damages or crash in all Dubai Airports as well as investigates accident occurred within the emirate of Dubai. Such investigation includes data collection from different organizations, interviewing involved individuals, prepare reports and putting recommendation to enhance safety performance as well as preventing reoccurrence in the future in coordination with General Civil Aviation Authority. In addition the below responsibilities of the section are:

  • Participate in accident investigation that falls under annex 13, related to International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).
  • Investigate accident that do not fall under annex 13 for International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).
  • Review and accept procedures related to handing emergencies in Aircrafts.
  • Post-accident investigation audit.
  • Provide technical consultants in the field of accident investigation.
  • Participate in Crisis and Disaster Management additionally response and coordinate accident/ incident related to civil aviation.

Aircraft Oversight Section

This section is responsible for inspecting and auditing non-UAE registered commercial air transport operators to ensure compliance with national and international standards issued by the International Civil Aviation Organization and General Civil Aviation Authority. in addition the below responsibilities of the section are:

  • Inspect and asses the safety of non-UAE registered commercial air transport operators.
  • Identifying aircraft spare part and issue No Objection Certificate (NOC).
  • Supervise the quality control processes and programs.
  • Inspect and detect risks
  • Issue a list of acts that pose danger to airport ,air navigation facilities ,aircrafts, passengers and air traffic movements.

Aviation Security and Dangerous Goods Department

The Aviation Security and Dangerous Goods Department is responsible to supervise all activities related to aviation security and dangerous goods transportation within emirate of Dubai, including but not limited to conduct regular quality control programmes (Audit and Inspection) related to aviation security and transportation of dangerous goods by Air, also review and approve All programmes related to aviation security and transportation of dangerous goods. In addition issue no-objection certificates related to aviation security procedures and carriage of dangerous goods and firearms in commercial aircrafts.

Aviation Security Section

Aviation Security Section handles the auditing and inspection of civil aviation regulations and standards in compliance with ICAO standards and the local and federal requirements and regulation. In addition the section handles the following responsibilities:

    • Implementing the National Quality Control Program (Audit and Inspection) to ensure full compliance of national and international aviation security standards at airports, aircraft operators and aviation related entities.
    • Licensing the aviation security screeners to operate on security X-Ray screening machines.
    • Defining the general requirement and conditions for practicing all related aviation security professions and issue the necessary security clearances.
    • Review, accept and/or approve all programmes and procedures related to aviation security for airports and aviation-related entities.
    • Investigate all breaches related to aviation security regulations and directives

    Dangerous Goods Section

    The Dangerous Goods Section is responsible for issuing No Objection Certificates for the carriage of Dangerous Goods by commercial air operators to, from and via Dubai airports, The Section also conduct regular inspections on Dangerous Goods storage facilities, in order to ensure the compliance with all international and national Dangerous Goods Regulations. In addition to the following responsibilities:

    • Issuing no objection certificate for carriage of dangerous goods.
    • Issuing no objection certificate for carriage of firearms.
    • Clarifying suspicious shipments in Dubai airports.
    • Responding to any incident or accident involving dangerous goods.
    • Providing technical consultation in all matters related to dangerous goods.
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Aviation Safety and Environment Sector

    • Organize and oversee aviation safety and environment in Dubai Emirate.
    • Organize, manage and develop Aviation Safety Standards & Regulations.
    • Organize, manage and develop Aviation Environment Standards & Regulations.
    • Coordinate and follow-up requirements and outputs of Dubai Strategy 2021 with regard to the Infrastructure, Land, & Environment Sector Committee, and Health & Safety sector committee.
    • Represent the Dubai Aviation Sector Safety & Environment on the federal level.

    Aviation & Airports Safety Department

      • Issue approvals to air navigation service providers.
      • Overall oversight of Aviation Safety.
      • Conduct regular necessary oversight operations over several aviation specialties like Air Traffic.
      • Control Services, Aviation Information Management, Communication, Navigation, and Radar, Air Traffic Management, and meteorology.
      • Regulate & Manage oversight activities related to the implementation of DCAA's standards and regulations the Aviation Navigation Services providers have to comply with.

      Airspace Safety Section

        • Issue approvals to air navigation services providers and overall oversight of aviation safety.
        • Conduct regular necessary oversight operations over several aviation specialties like Air Traffic.
        • Control Services, Aviation Information Management, Communication, Navigation, and Radar, Air Traffic Management, and meteorology.
        • Regulate & Manage oversight activities pertinent to Aviation Navigation Services Providers compliance standards released by both UAE Civil Aviation Authority and Dubai Civil Aviation Authority.
        • Ensure fulfillment of the provisions of the law No (7) of 2015 concerning Dubai airspace security and safety.

        Aerodrome Safety Section

          • Airside Safety Oversight Inspections within the Emirate of Dubai.
          • Safety Oversight Inspections of Helipads within the Emirate of Dubai.
          • Safety Oversight Inspections, outside the respective Aerodromes on Wildlife Hazard Management within the Emirate of Dubai.
          • Issue NOCs for Certificate of Conformity for the infrastructure of Helipads.
          • Issue NOC’s of development for wildlife Hazard within the Emirate of Dubai.
          • Review DCAP with a view to publishing a new Aerodrome Regulation Manual ( 3 years )

          Aviation Environment & Airspace Safeguarding Department

            • Organize general policies, plan for airspace safety and limit obstacles that affect air traffic.
            • Follow-up applying regulations, legislations and approvals issued by the authority through auditing and inspection programs applicable at all relevant companies.
            • Manage environmental policies pertinent to aviation in Dubai Emirate.

            Aviation Environment Section

              • Ensure fulfillment of the provisions of the law No (7) of 2015 concerning Dubai airspace security and safe.
              • Supervise environmental matters of the Dubai Aviation Sector.
              • Develop and oversee environmental strategies and policies of the aviation sector.
              • Participate in establishing the strategy and policy of Dubai Aviation Sector.
              • Represent Dubai Civil Aviation Authority at international organizations, forums or meetings.

            Airspace Safeguarding Section

              • Ensure fulfillment of provisions of the law No (7) of 2015 concerning airspace security and safety in Dubai Emirate.
              • Develop and implement policies pertaining to obstacle control, height zoning and urban planning in the Emirate of Dubai.
              • Ensure that obstacles control and flight procedures design processes meet ICAO and Federal Standards.
              • Approve structure heights within Emirate of Dubai as per established limits.
              • Ensures new constructions endorsed by DCAA do not reduce capacity of airspace.
              • Remove obstacles that may pose hazards to air navigation, impact regularity or cost- efficiency of flights;
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