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Accessibility options for people with disabilities

Individuals with Visual Disabilities

a. Increase and Decrease font feature available on the header section of the portal

b. Color Blind options in the footer section of the portal.

Individuals with Mobility Disabilities

a. Full keyboard navigation support implemented on entire website.

Individuals with Hearing Disabilities

a. Read speaker uses the latest text-to-speech technology to speech-enable website . Enables to select Text on a web page using a mouse or trackpad and only the selected text will then be spoken.

b. Read Speaker icon is available in all page’s header section.

Individuals with Cognitive or Mental Disabilities

a. User Centered Design, Easy to navigate, Simplicity and Usability.

Browser compatibility:

All above mentioned features are best viewed by using following browsers:

         a. Internet Explorer Versions 9+

         b. Mozilla FireFox

         c. Google Chrome

         d. Safari 5+

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