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The Dubai Civil Aviation Authority welcomes comments and opinions. It also opens different channels through electronic means of communication, such as, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube, to enable participation in order to improve its various functions. DCAA confirms that all material shared with the Authority will be taken into account as it is considered that it may be relevant to the improvement and development of the various services offered. DCAA retains the right to prevent the publication of any dialogue or topic of discussion that can be:

  • Information contrary to the Federal Law of the United Arab Emirates and/or the Laws of the Emirate of Dubai.
  • Any information that is not documented or inaccurate.
  • Information that violates the privacy of others or offends any person.
  • Information that contains inappropriate language.
  • A source of threat to the security of the State.

  • * Posts may be published after the review and approval of the site administrator.
  • * Visitors to the site are requested not to publish any material and/or information and/or discuss matters of a personal nature in social media accounts or any other electronic communication means that belong to the Dubai Civil Aviation Authority.

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